• The information that I have gained from the course has been invaluable for my business.
  • I would recommend Jodie's style of training one hundred percent.
    Brenda Gordon, Tass Hertford
  • Mike's one of the good guys. He talks the talk but then makes a point of delivering and I'm happy to recommend The Business Allotment to anyone.
    Richard Jimminson, Premier Foods
  • Clear, concise and relaxed training.
    Nirvana cph
  • Very useful advice delivered in a friendly and relaxed manner.
    Chris Barnes, The School People

The Business Allotment Consultancy

We work with a variety of business owners who have two things in common – a passion for their business and a real desire to create sustainable and profitable growth. But it can be a lonely and difficult path to furrow, crafting and positioning a brilliant brand, developing and empowering your people and building a structure for growth, whilst still managing and ‘doing’ the day-to-day business.

The Business Allotment Consultancy focuses on three critical business areas:

  • Positioning, Pitch and Presentation: how to create an engaging and memorable brand story, how to effectively pitch your messages out to prospects and customers and how, when the opportunity arises, to stand up and present powerfully.
  • Building a Structure for Sustainable Growth: how to structure your business (people, systems and processes) to be as effective as possible now but also in the future when you could be twice or three times your current size.
  • Team Development: how to get the best out of your team and empower them to make smart decisions in line with your vision, values and strategy, freeing you up to work on rather than in your business.

We work with you and alongside your internal teams to create change and momentum that can be sustained long after we have gone. Our approach is practical, creative and designed to have impact quickly and with maximum effect.

We often begin our consultancy with The Business Growth Package,  structured and fast-paced sessions that ensure all the essential foundation stones are in place within your business to create a framework within which you can grow.

Contact us today to book a free 30 minute Business Growth Assessment via Skype after which you will receive your Business Growth Plotter giving you the key focus points for future growth as well as one of our bespoke business growth tools to get you started.

Find out more about how The Business Allotment consultancy can impact your business. Call Mike Newman on 07958 678 849.

If you want to know more about our powerful Business Growth package, please click here.

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