• I really rate your workshops very highly.
    Cariad Marketing
  • A fresh approach to selling and how to work on your brand's story.
    Lia Parkinson, Office on the Net
  • Jodie has an excellent knack of unravelling our complicated thought processes.
    Pam Charman, FM World
  • The Get Growing programme made me think about our business from a different angle.
  • I've had fantastic feedback from staff after the creative thinking training... everyone left feeling very energised and inspired.

About Us

Jodie Newman

Hello. I am Jodie Newman, the founder and owner of The Business Allotment and one half of the Allotment team. Typically, this is the bit where you are supposed to blow your own trumpet, but I can’t really play the trumpet as my neighbours will testify. So perhaps, instead, some slightly random thoughts  to be going on with?

  • I set up The Business Allotment because I wanted to help SME owners grow themselves and their business through brilliant business training. SME owners usually have to run the business, do the accounts, make the sales and the tea and still have time to network. So the training and strategy I have designed is fast-paced, chock-full of impact and is the distillation of all the tools and models I have created over the last fifteen years.
  • I have a family of two small children, which makes me a good plate spinner, ball juggler and wiper of chins.
  • I trained – a long time ago – as a furniture designer at the Royal College of Art. My career path turned away from the noble art of designing something to put your bottom on, but it has left me with an enduring love of design and a creative approach to most things.
  • One of my favourite modules to run is Brand and Deliver – working with the essence of what a business is and how to bring this to life for commercial gain. Or perhaps Time Management. It’s so hard to choose…
  • I strive for everything I do in the Allotment to be PRACTICAL and CREATIVE. Practical, so that it is of maximum use and minimum flannel for my clients. And creative, so that there is always a fresh perspective or new ideas to take away. I hope to deliver business training and strategy in a way you won’t have experienced elsewhere.
  • And finally, I have the entire box set of Breaking Bad on the shelf, as yet unopened. It is a burning ambition of mine to actually watch it, rather than Scooby Doo or Teen Titans Go which I do under some duress. And when not trying to avoid kids’ TV, I listen to comedy podcasts.

Mike Newman

Hi. I am Mike Newman, Jodie’s partner and the other half of The Business Allotment team.

I joined Jodie and The Business Allotment with the intention of using my experience of growing outsource service businesses, to help small business owners to position and structure their businesses for sustainable, profitable growth.

I particularly enjoy working on the three P’s essential for winning more clients: positioning, pitch and presentation. I write a mean tender document and love disruptive presentations that make you stand out from the crowd.

I lead the consultancy offering from The Business Allotment working alongside owners and their teams, both on and in the business, to make sure changes identified through the strategic review process are delivered and goals achieved.

So what makes me qualified to help you? Mainly a lot of grey hairs and experience gained from over 25 years managing, leading, energising and developing teams and companies.

One of the most challenging roles was MD at print management company Charterhouse, where we grew the business from £12 to £60 million in under 4 years. I learnt a lot about how to (and how not to) manage growth and acquisition, experiences I now share with other businesses.

When not working I spend as much time as I can with Jodie and our two young boys Ellis and Blake, while listening to Radio 4 in the background and despairing at the plight of Sunderland AFC.