All together now… one, two, three and… breathe…

All together now… one, two, three and… breathe…

So here I am, writing the first Propagator, my shiny new blog to accompany my new, shiny, relaunched website. I hope you have some time later to take a look around, try out the comfy sofas and admire what I have done with the place. And in the process of doing this, it got me thinking. About thinking.

Hands up who spends enough time thinking about their business? Not in a ‘ooh, I must email that client the figures’ kind of way, but in a ‘how is this business really doing?’ kind of way. Hmm, there are not many hands on show there. We are all guilty, I think, of putting thinking time at the bottom of our already ridiculously long to-do list, as we run hither and thither (I don’t know where hither or thither actually are as they don’t show up on Google Maps, but I know it takes ages to get there and they seem to keep moving) trying to Get Stuff Done.

So perhaps it is time to take a breath. Ready? All together now… one, two, three… and breathe. Don’t panic, I am not about to suggest sitting cross legged a-top a pole for a fortnight, emptying your mind of everything. If I tried to empty my mind, I would be arrested for fly tipping. I am simply suggesting a tiny time-out for some focused business thinking. Whether it is whilst eating your cornflakes, walking to the sandwich shop, grabbing a quick cuppa or driving to your next appointment, designate this precious time Thinking Time.

Ask yourself a Thinking Time question, such as ‘how is this business really doing?’, or ‘where should this business be in twelve months time?’ or ‘What can this business do smarter?’. And then all you do is think. What will happen is that ideas will pop into your head. he bigger and bolder the better. If possible, scribble them on a Post It or record them on your smart phone. If it’s a really great idea, you might want to call your voicemail and tell it your brainwave. I can guarantee that it won’t laugh. Let your brain do what it does best, and have a jolly good old think.

I am not suggesting that by the time you have squeezed your tea bag and hunted down a digestive that you will have solved your question. But you will be a lot closer than when you started, and more importantly, you are practising the fine art of thinking about your business.