Ninja Nudge: A creative thinking muscle work-out

Ninja Nudge: A creative thinking muscle work-out

Just like tennis, baking or learning German, creative thinking is a learned skill. True, some people are naturally more gifted than others. I mean, I can rustle up some banana and blueberry muffins, but Mary Berry I am not: soggy bottoms have been known to make an appearance in my kitchen on several occasions.

But if you want to be better at creative thinking and to grow your business with ideas, no matter if you feel you have a flair for creativity or not, practise is a huge part of it. Luckily, exercising and toning your creative muscle does not need to be hard work – and even better news, does not involve Lycra. Set yourself a goal of having one kick-ass idea a day.

Select a business challenge that you have at the moment. This can be anything from how to show your customers you love them, what you should be blogging about or even how to get more ideas into your business.

In a notebook, on a white board or anywhere you can visit daily, write your challenge starting with the words ‘How to…’ in the centre of the space. So, ‘How to create awesome, fascinating blog content that people rave about’, for example.

Then around this challenge headline, jot down the first thought that comes into your head. It may not be the ultimate solution – in fact, it may barely be an idea at all, but it’s a great start. Keep going for 10 minutes, letting ideas that you write down spark new ideas, then highlight the one idea that you feel is the kick-ass idea.

Return to your ideas space for the next 5 days, repeating this exercise. If you feel blocked at any time, we have a fantastic resource to spark your ideas into action. Check it out here.

At the end of the week, you will have at least 5 kick-ass ideas to help you solve your business challenge and to keep the creativity momentum going to help your business grow. Let us know how you get on.

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