Ninja Know-How: Your New Year’s Business Revolution

Ninja Know-How: Your New Year’s Business Revolution

So January is well under way, the mince pies and Prosecco are just a distant Rennie, sorry, memory, and eyes turn forward to 2017.

Cue the inevitable and somewhat dreaded New Year’s Resolution, the sole tradition left to face up to once the last bauble has been packed away. Get fit, get thin, get moving, get knitting, get organised…

And most of us set resolutions for our businesses, although we call them goals, or if you really want to sound like someone who’s read the manual, strategic objectives. But how about a New Year’s REVOLUTION for your business? Think about one thing that you want to change. One thing that would revolutionise your business. What is the one thing that would really make the difference to your business in 2017?

Write it down in capital letters with a felt tip pen on a brightly coloured piece of paper. You can even doodle a little picture to go with it.

Read it again. If you are not a little scared (and excited) by this audacious aim, screw that piece of paper up and write a bigger, hairier, scarier one.

Now write down the actions you need to take to make it happen on Post-Its.

Now stick these actions in your diary when you are going to do them.

And finally, with your phone take a photo of your brightly coloured, slightly scary revolutionary idea and make it your phone home screen.

Have a revolutionary 2017, everyone.


If you would like help to create your own business revolution, or to set those strategic objectives, or to help your business grow in 2017, please do get in touch.