5 Ways to be a black belt in your brand

5 Ways to be a black belt in your brand

What is going to make your brand work hard for your business? A swanky logo? A whip-smart strap line? A lovely palette of on-trend colours? Or none of the above?
Understanding how to create and sustain your brand can have a huge impact on your business and the people who work with your business – be they staff, customers or suppliers. Your brand is not your logo (this is just one graphic manifestation of what your brand is)… it is what you are, what you stand for and should reflect how you do what you do. So, for some ninja branding moves, consider these 5 tips:
1. Start at the beginning. What are your core values and the behaviours you want in your business? Are you all about ideas that change the world? Are you about taking risks? Or are you a safe pair hands? Construct your Brand Compass – the North, South, East and West of what and who you are. This will steer your brand in the right direction.

2. Involve your staff with shaping your brand. Their engagement in what it should stand for and how this manifests itself will create huge brand momentum.

3. Does your brand have both functional and emotional parts? Your brand may be all about efficiency and cost-saving, but it’s the emotional elements that can create meaningful customer engagement that lasts. Create a brand that can be loved, that customers and staff are proud to be part of.

4. Once your brand is established, consistency should be your watchword. Are the brand behaviours in every corner of your business? In every process and product? Are the decisions being made by everyone being guided by your Brand Compass?

5. Induct your staff in the ways of the brand. Make it an integral part of the learning for new staff, and create a section in your performance management documents that asks staff to reflect on how their behaviours and actions have reinforced your brand and what it stands for – these are the advocates who can help make your brand work hard for your business.
If you would like help with creating, sustaining or refreshing your brand, then turn your compass to The Business Allotment. You can download our free Seedling Sheet resource here to help you understand the importance of brand as well as how to create your own Brand DNA.
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