3 ways to solve that business challenge

3 ways to solve that business challenge

We all have challenges in our business – whether it be how to respond to a pitch brief, how to keep your staff happy or how to get people to visit your website. Tackle your challenge today by using one of our creative thinking tools… we guarantee they will give you fresh ideas and better business creativity.

Just kick-off by writing your challenge on a Post-It starting with the words ‘How to… and make it not more than 10 words long.

Remember that to really make the most of your creative thinking time, move away from your screen, don’t judge the ideas you think of, write them ALL down and be as ridiculous as possible – at this stage, every idea is valuable and the crazier the better – often these are the ones that have the kernel of a brilliant idea.

  1. Think Richard

As in Branson, rather than the one buried in a car park in Leicester (though you could try him if you like). How would Richard solve your challenge? If you run out of Richard ideas, then think of another celeb – Lady GaGa perhaps, or Prince Charles – or even Morph. Each one should reap a whole host of ideas for your challenge, and you should find that there are some ridiculous thoughts in your list, which is just what you want.

  1. Ask a 5 year old

Seriously, this is a brilliant way to make you simplify your challenge into short, simple words to really gain clarity on the task in hand. And let’s face it, a 5 year old will give you solutions that you just will not have thought of yourself. If you don’t have a 5 year old to hand, email me and I will ask mine. The answer may involve ninjas or Pikachu, but you never know, that might be just what the solution calls for.

  1. Spend a pound

Look at your challenge Post-It. Imagine that you had only one pound to spend to solve this challenge. What would the solution be? This can be a fantastic way to help you think laterally about your challenge, as well as obviously coming up with budget-friendly ideas. Sometimes your creative brain doesn’t like ultimate freedom to come up with any idea, it responds best to strict criteria that forces it to think in different ways.


Spend some time working on your challenge with these tools. Have a flip chart sheet stuck somewhere to jot up ideas, or use a white board. And if you want more inspiration, why not download our free Spark Generator app for your phone, so you can get creative on the bus, train or sofa…

Click here for iOs and here for Andriod.

Happy thinking and let us know how you get on!