• Thought-provoking and helpful - you've definitely given me a better focus on my brand.
    Brenda Gordon, Tass Hertford
  • The ideas generated were wide-ranging, fresh and ultimately deliverable.
    Seth Holmes, IMG Consulting
  • I would recommend The Mighty Marketing Module to any SME business owners.
    HB Accountants
  • A fresh approach to selling and how to work on your brand's story.
    Lia Parkinson, Office on the Net
  • The strategy session with The Business Allotment was probably the best decision I could have made while I was in the start up phase.
    Angela Thompson, Funky Fingerprints

Testimonials for our training, strategy and idea generation modules

Here at the Business Allotment we are very proud of what people say about our training, strategy, ideas and coaching, so here are a selection of our testimonials about out training, business strategy and idea generation modules. You will have to excuse the shameless trumpet-blowing, but they are a genuine reflection of the type of reaction we get when we deliver our business training and strategy workshops, or help businesses generate fresh ideas.

The comments are from a wide range of businesses, of varying sizes, who took a broad range of modules, but all with one thing in common: they wanted business support that would make a real difference to their business and help them grow.

If you are aiming for growth in your business, then working with The Business Allotment is the best thing you can do. Having Jodie has helped us in reaching a clearer vision for our business. We are delighted that we are now in a truly great place to grow. From our first session, we were able to see that Jodie’s high levels of experience is exactly what we need to be successful and we are very excited about continuing the sessions for the foreseeable future. The creative and practical ideas that Jodie has given us are worth their weight in gold. Thank you, Jodie!

Janet Simpson, All Seasons Accountants

Jodie made the course interesting and fun, there wasn’t a dull moment, always there to support you if you were stuck or not sure about anything. Made me think out of the box and out of my comfort zone – which is just what I needed! Great, fantastic course – so glad I signed up – I don’t think I would have achieved half of what I have covered on the course. Thank you Jodie!

Shangita Richards, Shangita Richards

A really excellent and hugely worthwhile course. Jodie is full of fun and taught me exactly what I need to be doing to move my business forward. Focused, personalised and relevant, the three sessions flew by and left me wanting more. I can’t recommend Jodie’s training highly enough – terrific!

Carolyn Godlee, The Cutting Hill Clinic

Jodie has an excellent knack of unravelling our complicated thought processes, so we can identify the necessary components of our business plans and understand how to put them into action. Thanks Jodie!

Pam Charman, FM World

The Get Growing programme has enabled us to focus, create innovative ideas and plan ahead in a strategic way. Jodie is energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We felt all the elements of the sessions were valuable and we are excited about putting them into practise.

Kathryn Salmon, Herts Yoing Homeless

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated the Get Growing session this morning.  Every word of advice is an absolute golden nugget and so darned right!

Carolyn Godlee, The Cutting Hill Clinic

I just wanted to say thank you for the first session of the Get Growing Programme. It was so thought-provoking and helpful – you’ve definitely given me a better focus on my brand. It was such a nice group and your delivery was so lovely and supportive that it didn’t even feel like a course so thank you again!

Brenda Gordon, Tass Hertford

Sometimes when we think about the future steps to our business it can be quite daunting or a jumble of so many ideas and actions. The Get Growing programme made me think about our business from a different angle. Jodie helped to break down and prioritise items so we can have a strategic approach from now until 2108. thank you Jodie!

I have attended a few of The Business Allotment’s courses and have always found them to be informative and inspiring. The information that I have gained from the course has been invaluable for my business.

Jodie has such great content and delivery that you can see the benefits from the first session. Before the course, my business development was overwhelming – now I have a clear cut vision, a 2 year plan and have explored every aspect of my business. Thank you for making it so simple and for helping me hone in on my business growth and development. I would recommend Jodie’s style of training one hundred percent.

Brenda Gordon, Tass Hertford

Completing the Brand It, Tell It, Sell It sales course has enabled me to focus more on the areas I’m struggling with. Brilliant course, highly recommended.

Elaine Diveney, 001 Ltd

“Jodie has been absolutely brilliant every time I have used her to help me progress my business. Her way of looking at things is great so if you need someone to help you grow your business, The Business Allotment is just the place.”

Lia Parkinson, Office on the Net

If you use Mike Newman to look at your business and processes like most consultants he will apply himself to the problem with great skill and intelligence. Unlike many, he will also bring a huge amount of integrity, honesty and absolute determination to get you, the client, the right answer.

Steve Parish, TAG Worldwide

Mike truly wants to follow through and make things happen and so the plan we came up with was simple but executionable. Mike’s one of the good guys. He talks the talk but then makes a point of delivering and I’m happy to recommend The Business Allotment to anyone.

Richard Jimminson, Premier Foods

Brand It, Tell It, Sell It provides you with a sales model that you adapt to what feels right for you and any situation. it has improved my confidence to be always having a sales conversation by just being interested in a potential client. And the day was great fun too!

Caroline Stagg, Keeble Brown

Brand It, Tell It, Sell It was fun and informative, and got me motivated again. Jodie and Glen provided a fast and furious day of how not to sell, but how to help our customers.

Catherine Smith, Foxholes Farm

The whole Brand It, Tell It, Sell It day delivers an holistic approach to identifying and developing a sound and repeatable format of sales for any business. Jodie and Glen deliver a thought-provoking and critical analysis of your business branding and sales process in an engaging and creative manner – the day sailed past!

Eric Chorley, Guardhome Security

Mike helped Signet to re-evaluate and adapt our marketing process, supported the team and improved the value delivered by our marketing suppliers, I enjoyed working with him.

Colin Wagstaffe, Signet

Brand It, Tell It, Sell It is a fresh approach to selling and how to work on your brand’s story.

Lia Parkinson, Office on the Net

The Brand It, Tell It, Sell It course was practical, simple and easy to understand. it helped change the perception of what we are doing when we sell.


Celine Berger, ReCreation

I would recommend Brand It, Tell It, Sell It – it inspires confidence that sales need not be intimidating. There were excellent presentations and working exercises. The day inspired me to move forward in my business with greater clarity of thought and confidence.

Pam Charman, FM Group

I would recommend Brand It, Tell It, Sell It to business owners. A fun, useful course with excellent communicators and clear experts in their field.

The ethos of ‘not selling but helping’ is a great statement to take with me from Brand It, Tell It, Sell It, and I hadn’t really grasped that until today. Very useful advice delivered in a friendly and relaxed manner.

Chris Barnes, The School People

If you are not 100% sure what your brand is about and who to sell your wares to in the best possible way, Brand It, Tell It, Sell It is a great course to go on. It enabled me to get a really great understanding of my brand, how my clients view me and what they want from me. Well worth every penny.

Sarah Bruce, Angels & Ledgers

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the Presentation Skills session this morning. It was presented in such as easy way to understand. As a visual person I found the materials to be an excellent back up to your explanations and it was great to have something so useful to take away. You are so easy to listen to, Jodie, and you make presenting look so natural. It has given me such a lot to work on and your tip to concentrate on one thing at a time has made it seem less daunting. Thank you so much”

” I feel really excited about growing the business after our session and my mind is whirling with opportunities.”

Having that initial strategy session with The Business Allotment was probably the best decision I could have made while I was in the start up phase for Funky Fingerprints.  Your coaching helped me formulate some clear plans and put me about a year ahead of where I would have been had I not worked with you.  I’m really looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Angela Thompson, Funky Fingerprints

“The idea generation process immediately broke down any barriers between internal departments, was fast-moving enough to be fun, but still managed to explore concepts in some depth. The ideas generated were wide-ranging, fresh and ultimately deliverable.”

[The Greenhouse]

Seth Holmes, IMG Consulting

“I’ve had fantastic feedback from staff at all levels after the creative thinking training. To strike a chord with people of varying levels of experience is a real skill and everyone left feeling very energised and inspired.”

[Creative Thinking Skills for Business]

“Jodie is that extremely rare blend of creative and practical. She was extremely professional and inspiring. Selfishly, I would love to work with her again, I learned so much!”

[The Greenhouse]

“Thank you once again for such great training. I now have a huge number of easy, practical ways – none of which are costly – in which I can improve or substantiate my current branding… and so many of them can make an immediate difference to my business.”

Jane Lynch, Madajazz Bags

“The content was really relevant to everyone in the room and you ensured that everyone cam away with plenty of ideas to move their business forward. Your down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach left me with plenty to think about.”

[Brand and Deliver]

Gaynor Armitage, Giess Wallis Crisp

“Very insightful and interesting training. Thank you!”

[Time Management for the Time Unmanageable]

Nirvana cph

“Clear, concise and relaxed training. We can talk through any queries we may have throughout the training session and not come away confused on how we put the training into practise.”

[Time Management for the Time Unmanageable]

Nirvana cph

“I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to our next training session with you. Thanks!”

Cariad Marketing

“I really rate your workshops very highly. You tailor the information to the individual business’s needs and involve all team members. Everyone comes out feeling motivated.”

Cariad Marketing

“Very engaging Customer Service training can sometimes be a difficult topic but the Business Allotment training was far from that.”

Cariad Marketing, Cariad Marketing

“Creating the Customer Commitments is really going to help us in the future.”

[Knock your Socks off Customer Service]

Cariad Marketing, Cariad Marketing

“I would recommend The Mighty Marketing Module to any SME business owners who wish to pull all their marketing ideas and thoughts together and use it as a tool for creating a marketing strategy.”

HB Accountants

“Every part of the this training module was helpful. Jodie has a great way of delivering training to keep you engaged in the information.”

[Time Management for the Time Unmanageable]

Lance James Jewellers

“It highlighted what our real priorities should be and ensured we are all working toward the same result. I would most definitely recommend this module.”

[The Mighty Marketing Module]

HB Accountants, HB Accountants

The Business Allotment provided me with some really valuable input about the things that I need to focus on to move my business forward…

Alison Proffitt, ClearView HR