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3 ways to solve that business challenge

We all have challenges in our business – whether it be how to respond to a pitch brief, how to keep your staff happy or how to get people to...Read more >>

There’s no I in SME…or is there?

I don’t get enough opportunities to kick off a blog with a grammar lesson, so backs straight, put that Custard Cream down and pay attention: ‘I’ is the first person...Read more >>

Ninja Know-How: Your New Year’s Business Revolution

So January is well under way, the mince pies and Prosecco are just a distant Rennie, sorry, memory, and eyes turn forward to 2017. Cue the inevitable and somewhat dreaded...Read more >>

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Ninja Nudge: get your trumpet blown

Are you good at blowing your own trumpet? At our recent Get Growing workshop, several of the business owners round the table expressed reticence about telling people how good they are...Read more >>

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Ninja Nudge: Create your hero goal

Every week starts with a huge list of tasks, jobs, projects, phone calls, admin, emails… it can get overwhelming even before you’ve made your first coffee of the day. So...Read more >>

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5 Ways to be a black belt in your brand

What is going to make your brand work hard for your business? A swanky logo? A whip-smart strap line? A lovely palette of on-trend colours? Or none of the above?...Read more >>

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