Spark Generator

Want a spark of inspiration to kick-start a creative thought? First, be single-minded and clear about the challenge you wish to solve. Click on the Spark Generator button and a spark will appear: consider what you see and ask youself how this can help solve your challenge. Allow this spark of inspiration to lead you to new ideas. Your brain may make seemingly random jumps from what you see – follow the trail without making judgements and see where it takes you. If you let your subconscious brain take the lead without all that conscious interuption, an idea won’t be far away.

You should have plenty of ideas now. Need more?
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What if the solution surprised absolutely everybody?


What one thing is non-negotiable in your challenge? Imagine you can change this - now solve your challenge.


Dare to think bigger than big. What would the most huge, outrageous solution be?



How would IKEA solve this challenge?

Create an idea by combining any element of the Olympics with your challenge to make a new solution.