• Jodie is that extremely rare blend of creative and practical.
  • The ideas generated were wide-ranging, fresh and ultimately deliverable.
    Seth Holmes, IMG Consulting

The Greenhouse Creative Thinking Session

A unique creative thinking session to solve any business challenge

The Greenhouse Creative Thinking Session is a unique workshop that will help you generate a huge pool of ideas to help you solve a business challenge.

All you need is a challenge to solve and a minimum of three participants. We will design the Creative Thinking Session using a selection of our unique creative thinking tools to help you gain new perspectives on your challenge, to think in new ways and to come up with fresh ideas that will make a real difference to your business. Expertly facilitated by Jodie Newman, who has over fifteen years experience of running creative thinking sessions in business, you will also be guided through the first stages of evaluating your ideas.

The Greenhouse Creative Thinking Session is a proven way to solve any type of business challenge, whether you need new product or service ideas, you want innovative new ways to retain clients, or you want to think differently about how to incentivise your staff. This focused, intensive creative session is the quickest way to get to the big ideas that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Who's it for?

  • Any business, large or small, that has a challenge to solve
  • Businesses that want fresh, stand-out ideas to win pitches or new clients
  • Businesses that want to put ideas at the heart of what they do
  • Businesses who want to engage their staff in shaping the future of the business
  • Businesses that want to innovate to stay ahead of the competition

What you get?

  • A highly focussed creative thinking session
  • Access to creative thinking tools that you will not find anywhere else
  • A highly experienced facilitator to keep the ideas flowing and the session on track
  • A huge range of ideas to solve your challenge, with a short-list of potential solutions ready to develop
  • A bank of ideas that you can delve into to help solve similar challenges in the future