• Jodie is that extremely rare blend of creative and practical.
  • The ideas generated were wide-ranging, fresh and ultimately deliverable.
    Seth Holmes, IMG Consulting

The Greenhouse Modules

The Greenhouse is all about getting fresh new ideas for your business. If you have a business challenge to solve, or you want to inject your business with ideas that can transform how and what you do, then the Greenhouse is the place to be. Our Greenhouse module is a unique way to generate business ideas quickly for big results.

Killer tip for...Creative thinking

Ask for ideas from every corner of your business. Engage everyone from reception to accounts in the ideas process – it is where fresh eyes can illuminate a challenge.


The Greenhouse Creative Thinking Session

The Greenhouse Creative Thinking session is the most effective way to generate ideas and solve your business challenges. Fast, effective and focused on creating ideas that will push your business forward.

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