Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ninja Nudge: Gather your evidence

Do you have case studies for the work you do? They are a fantastic sales resource to have at your fingertips (and on your website) as they show not what...Read more >>

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Ninja Nudge: Walk the Dog

Need some fresh ideas? Then walk the dog. Or the cat. Or just yourself (you may not need a lead for this). Getting away from your desk and taking a...Read more >>

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Ninja Know-How: Brand Placards

Lots of our clients ask us where to start when trying to really get to grips with what their brand means and how to tell their brand story. We tell them...Read more >>

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How to be a black belt in improving your Return on Training Investment

ROTI. Return on Training Investment. Okay, granted, this is not such a catchy acronym as ROI, and it does sound a little like a very angry dog, but in the...Read more >>

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Ninja Nudge: Look somewhere else

How often do you stick your head above your industry parapet and take a look at what’s going on elsewhere? We are all so busy doing what we know, we...Read more >>

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Ninja Nudge: Tomato Time

Set yourself some Tomato Time. Got a meaty task to complete but keep making false starts or keep being distracted? You need some Tomato Time – 25 minutes where you...Read more >>

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It’s National Poetry Day

So seeing as it is National Poetry Day, here’s a little something we put together… If your business is suffering from a bad case of apathy, It’s time to whip...Read more >>